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Angling Life

A Fisherman Reflects on Success, Failure, and the Ultimate Catch

Angling Life
A Fisherman Reflects on Success, Failure, and the Ultimate Catch
by Captain Dan Keating

Can A Book Change The Course Of A Man's Life?

    Dan Keating's highly acclaimed third book challenges men to:
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • & Transform
  • Their Lives

Tales of fishing, storms, adventure, and Dan's own shipwrecks are woven into a story that reveals deeper truths about life and our spiritual quest to connect with something greater than ourselves. A compelling page turner, it is a quick but profound read. The author's gradual understanding of himself unfolds along with his further understanding of what makes us all tick, and what our real needs are. Valuable real life lessons are learned through his joys and struggles. Water, weather, fish, and boats contribute to richly described life lessons in allegory.

The discovery of the ultimate relationship is the crown jewel of this book. Keating is made aware of the ultimate Captain, the Creator of the sea, the winds, the fish, and all that is, including Dan Keating.

A very gritty, non-flowery reality, Keating offers true help and direction for those who may be unsure about the spiritual need of all of us. As an able Captain responsible for lives on big water, and serving as a guide to the best possible catch, the Captain here also proves reliable in things of utmost importance.

What others are saying about Angling Life:

"Is this book about fishing? Definitely, but you're not going to find much 'how-to' that will help catch more fish. What you will find, as you read, is the natural connection that anglers have to something bigger."
Dave Mull, Editor Great Lake's Angler Magazine

"The places, life experiences and angling similes Dan uses in this book bring home the reality of his testimony. These are exciting stories played out on the panorama of the outdoors and a very personal account of one man's search for the ultimate meaning of life."
Al Lindner, Host of Lindner's Angling Edge Television & Hall of Fame Angler

"I am not an avid fisherman, but this book could draw me to consider the hobby. Dan Keating mixes stories of big waves and fish with the biggest story of all, God's love shown in the life of Jesus Christ. Fishermen were drawn to Jesus. In this book, you'll see why."
Dr. Lon Allison, Executive Director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

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