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Great Lakes Salmon & Trout Fishing

Essential Tactics and Seasonal Strategies

Captain Dan's Newest and Most Complete Book
Contains Cutting Edge Salmon and Trout Tactics!

The most complete, authoritative book contains the latest cutting edge tactics for catching salmon and trout! Also, inside you will find tips on how to locate Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout all season long. Learn how to interpret currents, boat control, adjust your trolling spread to currents, and how currents influence the location of game and fish off your region! This is Capt. Dan’s 4th book and it is filled with a lifetime of secrets.

Whether you are an experienced angler looking to improve your skills or a novice just discovering the thrill of salmon and trout fishing, this up to date, authoritative guide will lead you to more, and larger fish.

The Great Lakes fishery has evolved over the years and this comprehensive book covers the latest, cutting edge tactics, as well as time-proven methods. Captain Dan Keating shares a wealth of experiential knowledge from a lifetime of fishing as he teaches you how to locate and catch Coho, Kings, Steelhead, lake and Brown Trout throughout the season. Learn how to run stealth downriggers, copper, wire, lead core, braid, divers, Torpedoes, side planers, lure selection, meat rigs, and more!

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