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Keating on Kings DVD Part 1

Learn how to locate and catch King Salmon all season!

Novice or veteran, this DVD will help you put more fish in the boat

This 75 minute DVD brings King Salmon fishing to life. Filmed documentary style, with fish being caught in the background, Captain Dan Keating uses a systematic blend of practical and theoretical teaching to show you how to catch more and larger Kings. Dan has helped countless anglers catch more and larger fish through his books and seminars. Sit back and watch Dan practice what he preaches from the deck of the Blue Horizon.

Praise for Keating on Kings DVD:

I bought your 2 DVD’s and already watched each one 2 to 3 times. GREAT STUFF!
Bill Callaghan III

This is like an on the water class with Dan Keating!
I am impressed with the quality of this DVD. Captain Dan Keating gives you the impression that you are right there on the water with him taking a class in salmon fishing. He is highly skilled and delivers the message of how to catch Kings with ease and enthusiasm. Best part was the bonus cooking section at the end of the DVD. Part 2 is great as well--definitely should be part of the Keating Library with the books.
Avid Salmon Angler

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