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Keating on Kings

Great Lakes Chinook Tactics Way Beyond The Basics

The most complete book on catching King Salmon

This book has helped anglers across the Great Lakes and on the West Coast systematically develop a game plan to locate and catch trophy Kings. Captain Dan Keating brings over 30 years of experience chasing Big Water King Salmon to life through practical and theoretical teaching. Over 90 illustrations!

    Learn how to
  • Eliminate unproductive water and locate Kings spring, summer and fall
  • Stealth presentations
  • Principles of lure and attractor selection for King Salmon
  • Three-dimensional thinking for controlled depth fishing
  • Master the group dynamic
  • Light line tactics
  • Use wire line, directional divers, downriggers and much more
  • Small boat tips for success
  • Secrets to catching trophy kings in shallow and deep water
What others are saying about Keating on Kings:

The tactics you wrote about in your book were carried out to perfection in capturing this 33 1/2lbs Chinook! Thanks Dan.
Andy Bliss

Thanks Dan for such a great book! Salmon fishing is a complex sport, your book helps sort out a lot of that for the reader.
Alan Douville

Many moons ago we decided to try our hand on the giant Kings of Lake Ontario. I had read many magazine articles, listened to many anglers who had battled the brutes there, and read up on as many web posts as I could to improve our lot after several mediocre trips . . . then I got the book. Much like going from golf with blades to custom Pings, our catch rate increased exponentially and last year's mega-Kings included a 24# 11oz May King and a 30.5# Labor Day weekend tank. Capt. Dan's insights into King strategy are unparalleled for the pursuit of any gamefish I have ever seen, read, or heard. Simply a must know / must have . . . the vids are a great accompaniment . . . I freshen up with them regularly.
Matt Cannon

Loved the book, Dan!
Matt Straw

It's a great book Dan, loaned it to a friend and he adopted it. Guess I need to buy another one. Your work and ministry is much appreciated!
Paul Clift

Hi, Dan, when I started fishing Kings, I immediately bought your books and have been using them without fail. I enjoy the way the books are narrated and put together and easy to read. Thanks for making King fishing easier. I recommend these books to all novice and as a refresher to more advanced fisherpersons. I also have 2 great disks, and at the end of April, I will review these disks to refresh and to help me not to forget some of your best points. Thanks!
Bernard Lafond

Bravo, Captain Dan for another GREAT book, I feel armed and dangerous for this next spring fishing on Lake Ontario. Of the tens of thousands (we know it's alot more) of dollars spent on all the gear that we use to catch fish, I just realized the last $20 spent was probably my best investment to date. I'm convinced that your true talents are equally divided between being a great charter captain and a great writer and author. Love your sense of humor combined with your analogies and metaphors that have a poetic rhyme like a Lennon-McCartney melody. Truly enjoyed your book and probably the only thing left is charter the Blue Horizon for a couple days and learn from the GREAT Jedi Master himself. Capt Dan a true pleasure reading your books.
Tight Lines for the up coming season...........Peter Dunham

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