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Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing - Essential Tactics and Seasonal Strategies
by Captain Dan Keating

The most complete, authoritative book contains the latest cutting edge tactics for catching salmon and trout! How to locate Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout all season long, how to interpret currents, boat control, adjust your trolling spread to currents, how currents influence the location of game and fish off your region! And more...
Capt. Dan’s 4th Book - Filled With a Lifetime of Secrets!


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Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing - The Complete Troller's Guide
by Captain Dan Keating and Captain Chip Porter

The Salmon Fisherman’s Bible!

Learn how to set up your boat; choose and rig rods and reels; select electronics; choose lures; run downriggers, directional divers, wire line, lead core, super lines and side planers; target King and Coho salmon, Steelhead, Brown and Lake Trout; catch fish spring, summer and fall; and more!
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Keating on Kings
by Captain Dan Keating

The most complete book on catching King Salmon

Learn stealth presentations; principles of lure and attractor selection for King Salmon; 3-dimensional thinking for controlled depth fishing; light line tactics; small boat tips for success; secrets to catching trophy kings in shallow and deep water; how to eliminate unproductive water and locate Kings spring, summer and fall; how to use wire line, directional divers, downriggers; and more
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Angling Life
by Captain Dan Keating

Can A Book Change The Course Of A Man's Life?

Dan Keating's highly acclaimed third book challenges men to:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • & Transform
  • Their Lives

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Keating on Kings DVD
Part 1
by Captain Dan Keating

Learn how to locate and catch King Salmon all season!

This 75 minute DVD brings King Salmon fishing to life. Filmed documentary style, with fish being caught in the background, Captain Dan Keating uses a systematic blend of practical and theoretical teaching to show you how to catch more and larger Kings.
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Keating on Kings DVD
Part 2
by Captain Dan Keating

Lure Selection and Advanced Techniques for Chinook Salmon

Until now you’ve only touched the surface of lure selection. This highly informative 60-miniute DVD teaches you how to make wise decisions on the water and choose winning combinations of lures under a variety of conditions. This DVD examines the subtle nuances that often spell the difference between a slow day on the water and non-stop action.
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